Crown and Bridge


We know that crown and bridge restorations are still the bread and butter for many dental practices. At Restorative Arts, we work to make sure that crown and bridge restorations exceed your patients' expectations. RADL is committed to providing our clients with quality restorations. While we still offer our same in-house quality, we feel the need to provie a lower cost restoration. RADL will only provide such a restoration if we can assure that all materials are ADA and FDA approved and certain health and safety standards have been followed. We provide these restorations with total transparency and can provide the documentation that we follow all state and feeral guidelines. Our outsource labs are all registered in South Carolina whether foreign or domestic. Please call for more information an a fee schedule.

Zirconia HT+ offers 4%-5% more translucency and increased strength over HT Zirconia. It can be used for single units to full roundhouse for frames of full contour


Restorative Arts provides all the restorations you are familiar with:


Porcelain Fused to Metal 

Full Gold 

Esthetic Zirconia 

HT Anterior Zirconia



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